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On the verge of a new Jewish year, another Front Window is out. 

The past year: Our events for the American fellows of the Fulbright Israel programs were held in Washington, DC, and California. We completed two projects as part of the Israeli Alumni Grant activity—stay tuned for more projects in the next few months. We have produced six clips about the personal experiences of our Israeli alumni, which are featured on our website, and of course all year round our committees have been busy identifying the brightest and most talented individuals in Israel and the U.S. in order to send them to the major centers of knowledge in both countries for the next academic year.

We wish you all שנה טובה - سنة سعيدة - Shana Tova from the Fulbright Commission in Israel.

Our New Logo and Visual Identity

Last May we launched our new logo as part of Fulbright’s new brand identity. Our refreshed Fulbright identity shows how the Fulbright Program innovates to meet complex global challenges and to increase mutual understanding. The new logo demonstrates Fulbright’s renewed commitment to its mission: to forge lasting connections, counter global misunderstandings, and help people and nations work together toward common goals. The updated Fulbright identity better enables Fulbright’s broad network of alumni, supporters, and partners to attract the most talented and passionate applicants from all backgrounds from across Israel and the U.S.

Maor Farid

How does a kid who has bad grades, ADHD, and who has been labeled by the education system as “problematic” become a Technion-Israel Institute of Technology PhD graduate, a Ministry of Defense data science researcher, and a Fulbright scholar?

Meet Maor Farid, our 2019 Israeli postdoc fellow heading to MIT and founder of “Learn to Succeed,” an organization dedicated to inspiring thousands of at-risk youth from across Israel’s socioeconomic periphery to pursue educational excellence.

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