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Dear friends and colleagues,

These days, when we work from home, attempting to accommodate a new and challenging reality, we at the Fulbright commission in Israel, send our greetings for April holidays - Passover, Easter and Ramadan - to our fellows, alumni, partners at institutions of higher education, state agencies and loyal friends and colleagues. Be healthy, and safe.
The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the importance of investing in the next generation of Fulbright researchers in all disciplines. We are very proud of the fellows and alumni who continue their research enthusiastically with the aim of finding vaccines and medications for the terrible pandemic and to bringing relief for many around the world. They combine excellence with social responsibility. Well done!
We are equally proud of our fellows, past and present, in the fields of economics, the law, in the humanities and the social sciences who are committed to finding creative solutions to the troublesome problems that the epidemic exposes and empowers. In times when social distancing is required, they initiate new methods of social cohesion. They combat poverty, looking at different economic models, as well as highlighting ethical and legal challenges. These are all part of a wide range of social problems that await us in the near future. Kudos to you!
So, for the time being, we have homework to do. Courses may be conducted differently and remotely in the future. But now more than ever, it is our duty to invest in the new generation of researchers in all fields and disciplines. It is both a life and soul saving investment.

Anat Lapidot-Firilla
Executive Director

As face-to-face communication rapidly moves to meeting online only, how do we choose our words and adjust our speech to fit these new formats? How does the use of rhetoric construct our perceptions of reality in the current international upheaval? Alumna Dr. Nana Ariel, a Lecturer in the Humanities and a postdoc at the MINDUCATE Center for the Science of Learning at Tel Aviv University, shares her insights.


How can children connect with grandparents during these challenging days?
Meet Dr. Tzipi Horowitz-Kraus, 2011 Israeli postdoc alumna, and initiator of the Grandpa-Grandma Storytelling Video Library, which bridges the gap of social distancing and inspires families, grandparents, and kids through reading.

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