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We are pleased to announce that the first Fulbright American fellow for 2020/2021 landed in Israel. More Fulbright American students will follow shortly. In January, the new postdoctoral fellow and senior lecturer programs will commence. Simultaneously, Israeli students have begun preparations for the upcoming academic year in the United States, which begins next month. Some will start to study online and some in person.
In the past several months, we have been extremely active with our recruitment for 2021/22 and are happy to announce that the numbers of candidates continue to grow. 

A new collaboration between Fulbright Israel and Microsoft Israel R&D center!

In addition to the commitment to basic academic research, Fulbright Israel is continuously looking to create new opportunities to enhance Israel's scientific ecosystem. We are therefore proud to announce that Fulbright Israel and Microsoft Israel R&D center have joined forces in creating a new postdoctoral fellowship to a promising researcher for 2021/22. The selected fellow will receive a $90,000 grant. The fellow that will be selected by a committee, appointed by Fulbright Israel and Microsoft Israel R&D, is required to begin a one-year research position at the Microsoft Israel R&D center upon returning to Israel, conditional on Microsoft offering the fellow a position. The postdoctoral fellowship is intended for Israeli researchers in the fields of computer science; applied mathematics; applied physics; electrical and computer engineering; aeronautical engineering; mechanical engineering and information systems management.


Thanks to the long-standing collaboration with the Planning and Budgeting Committee (PBC) of the Council for Higher Education in Israel, Fulbright Israel will continue to offer 16 Postdoctoral fellowships to ground-breaking researchers in all fields of knowledge for the next academic year. The generous support of the PBC allows Fulbright Israel to remain committed to academic innovation and to pursue the highest possible level of academic excellence.


 Applications for the Post-Doctoral Fellowships for Israelis are now open

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Despite its small size, Israel has one of the most advanced and celebrated academic environments in the world. Join some of the world’s foremost change-makers, including scientists and researchers in all fields of knowledge, as well as diplomats and artists, to develop compelling projects and innovative solutions to the challenges of the 21st century. Help us recruit and define the next generation of Fulbright Israel fellows by sharing these opportunities with your schools, faculty, students and colleagues in the field.


Applications for the Senior Scholars Program are open

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Applications for PhD Students Fellowships (One semester) are open

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Applications for English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Fellowships are open

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Applications for the Postdoctoral  Program are open

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Applications for Master's Degree Students Programs are open

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Online discussion: The Corona Pandemic and Higher Education in Israel and the World


On June 29, Fulbright Israel hosted an online event - The Corona Pandemic and Higher Education in Israel and the World – to address the crisis and to discuss the challenges ahead. The event was held via Zoom and was streamed live on our Facebook page. The discussion is now available on our YouTube channel.  Shira Ruderman, the Chair of the Fulbright Israel Board, opened the event and hosted Dr.  Allan Goodman, President of the Institute of International Education (IIE). Dr. Goodman provided a stimulating analysis and optimistic comments on the future of exchange and academia when the pandemic will end, and on the importance of science.  Dr. Anat Lapidot-Firilla, executive director of Fulbright Israel, moderated the second panel on Israeli academia. The speakers were Professor Yaffa Zilbershats, Chair of the Planning and Budgeting Committee, Council for Higher Education; Professor Ron Robin, President of the University of Haifa, Professor Uri Sivan, President of the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and Professor Yaron Oz, Rector of Tel Aviv University. The speakers talked about the strength of the higher education system in Israel, and its resilience expressed in the current crisis. The institutions’ strengths and flexibilities, demonstrated in the prompt shift to online mode and the need to continue supporting the next generation of scholars was emphasized. The speakers called for academic institutions and funding organizations to exercise flexibility in order to allow the next generation of scholars to continue their academic training, in spite of the crisis.

Collaboration with the Israeli Young Academy


Fulbright Israel and the Israeli Young Academy collaborated in a new initiative aiming to help the Israeli Post-Doctoral community all over the world. Postdoctoral fellows are among the most affected communities in the academic arena due to the Covid-19 epidemic, as their time as post-doc fellows is not being utilized for research and making professional connections. A series of eight online workshops on professional and personal topics, such as networking, well-being, and preparations for applying for an academic position were conducted, with over 1000 Israeli Post-Doc scholars and PhD students registered. The opening workshop, held in July, hosted members of the academy and Fulbright alumni to discuss securing a position in the academy and in the industry. Over 500 participants joined the first workshop. The series will continue until November 2020.

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